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Common problem on CO2 laser tube

Common problem on CO2 laser tube

Common problem on CO2 laser tube

1.CO2 tube’s power is low and power’s falling speed is fast.

A. Check if working current exceeds permitted current’s 10%. If it is long time at this situation, tube’s power will fall very fast. Please check if the CO2 power supply is matched with this tube and input voltage is normal.

B. Check if water cooling system is normal. It contains cooling water’s temperature, water flow volume and water’s quality. During working, water’s temperature should not be large than 30℃ and water flow volume is not more than 4L/min(This data can be increased according to different model CO2 tube). Cooling water should be changed frequently and must be clean.

C. Check CO2 tube’s output lens ,reflective mirror and focus lens is dirty. Also check if laser optics is correct. Because mirror or lens is easy dirty during optics adjustment. If so, please use 99.7% absolute alcohol clear them.

D. Check if discharge diode’s color is normal. If it is blue or purple or shows white color, it is not good condition.

2. Bad laser spot or laser spot changes

Check if cooling water is normal.

Check if working current is too large.

Check if installation direction is correct.

Check if bracket is correct.  Generally it is at CO2 tube’s 1/4 position.

Check if lens or mirror is dirty or be sheltered.

Check if discharge color is normal. If CO2 gas leaked, laser spot also is effected.

3 .CO2 laser tube doesn’t output laser

Check if CO2 power supply’s control wires are connected correctly then check if connection wring between CO2 tube and CO2 power supply are correctly.

Pull out all signal terminal and connect power supply and laser tube correctly, then press TEST button(Red) at front side of power supply.

Check if discharge diode’s color is normal and check if it has ignition sparks. If tube is not damaged and ignition discharge is blue or purple, it indicates CO2 gas leak. If no ignition discharge and it has high voltage discharge sound when press TEST (Red) button at power supply, it also indicates CO2 gas leak.

If ignition discharge is white and no laser output, it indicates working gas is resolved.

If it has bright white spot when press TEST (Red)button at power supply or it has wave discharge when ignition, it indicates high voltage breakdown. Please check if cooling water system or working current is normal. Or check if power supply is matched with CO2 laser tube.

Check if it has water in side of CO2 tube and inner tube is damaged.

4 .CO2 laser tube burst or damaged

If it has circular arc and smooth burst at near 10cm of glass connection, it is caused by stress.

If it has serrated and wave burst at near negative electrode slice and serious damage with many fragments, it is caused by cooling water.

If electrode’s terminal or cooling water box is damaged slightly and inner lens is good, it can be repaired. The electrode terminals and cooling water box are treated by high temperature. If it is not outside force,generally they are not easy be damaged

5 .Not good engraving

Check if CO2 laser tube and power supply is matched with each other. If it has tailing or non smooth shading, it is caused by this reason.

Connect or disconnect connection metal wire between negative electrode terminal and metal cooling water box.

Check if it has correct laser early output parameter setting.

6 .Not good cutting

Check if cooling water system is normal.

Check if focus length is correct

Adjust air blowing amount.

Change software’s image(round or squre) and then make cutting. This way is used to figure if it is image’s problem.