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        • Product name: 60W Laser Power Supply
        • Product Numbers: MYJG-60WA
        • Views : 1065

        60W Laser Power Suppy Main Features:

        1. Adopting zero current half-bridge soft switch circuit, the power supply is featured by high efficiency and rapid response, and easy to match laser tubes of manufacturers.

        2.It has simple port control, fits high and low level signals, can control laser start and stop through TTL level, and is equipped with abnormal protection switch to detect if there is water or ventilation outside.

        3.Laser power can be regulated by inputting 0-5V simulation signal or inputting PWM signal.

        4.5The power supply has open circuit protection function: Under the condition of good earthing protection, the power supply can work in open circuit in short time, and then it can avoid the damage caused by laser tube cracking.

        5.Ex-factory aging test
        Each power supply can undergo a 12h aging test at high temperature of 60ºC on full load, and 500 times of 7sec power-on/off tests.


        Main Technical Data:

        AC input voltage

        AC220V or AC110V

        DC input voltage

        DC300V or DC150V

        AC input frequency


        voltage output


        Maximum current

        23mA(according to laser tubes of different manufacturers)



        Overcurrent protection

        130% of maximum current

        Open circuit protection

        Yes (short time)


        Fan cooling

        High level control voltage range


        Low level control voltage range


        Operating temperature


        Relative humidity


        Withstand voltage


        AC1500V1 min ≤10mA


        AC1500V1 min ≤10mA



        Insulation resistance


        Earth leakage current

        ≤1mA(AC220V)≤0.5 mA(AC110V)

        Vibration resistance

        Amplitude 0.5mm frequency 10~55Hz three-dimensional direction 2h

        Fault-free time MTBF


        60ºC high temperature test time on full load

        12 hours

        7s power on/off test